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Artist of the Week: Andy Wilx

Posted on November 27 2017


Introducing Andy Wilx, our artist of the week!


An award winning artist and illustrator, Andy Wilx draws inspiration from children’s literature, fables and folklore.

I Dream in Blue
Andy Wilx
Limited Edition Screen Print 

White Diamond Polar Bear
Andy Wilx
Hand Printed Limited Edition Screen Print

His iconic images present characters and set scenes that compel the viewer to fashion a narrative. The animals that dominate his work are true character studies and the landscapes are complex, all of which make the worlds Andy creates enchanting and engaging.

Bear in a Boat
Andy Wilx
Hand-Printed Limited Edition Screen Print

Bee (Large)
Andy Wilx
Limited Edition Screen Print

Gold mixes with colour and permeates throughout Andy’s prints giving them a subtle iridescent quality while the use of intricate patterns creates a truly unique graphic style.

Blue Bird (Large)
Andy Wilx
Limited Edition Screen Print

Andy was recently awarded ‘Best International Artist’ by the Global Artist Agency and his work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. 

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