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Artist of the Week: Adam Bartlett

Posted on August 15 2017

We're so proud of all our artists on CultureLabel that we really want to spotlight and share their work to you all more frequently.
Introducing our artist of the week, Adam Bartlett!

Originally a textile designer, Bartlett layers different paint types - depicting a mixture of shapes and objects - to create his unique, contemporary take on still life. 

Each of his pieces has a unique texture and visual flavour, with Zebrina having the most bright colours of the bunch - pastel pinks and peachy tones.

Fancy a purchase but not the price tag?
Adam Bartlett's paintings are also available for purchase via Own Art 0% Finance.

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Places recently visited, often unfamiliar, tend to be the catalyst for new work. Visiting with new eyes, great dollops of naivety, you see such wonderful things when it is all so new. We forget to look when we are at home.’


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