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Art On A Postcard Golden Lottery Ticket

Posted on November 23 2016

 Buy your golden ticket this Thursday on CultureLabel.com


Win the Chance to Own Original Art from 2016's Most Celebrated Artists

(for Only £10!)


Money raised will go towards The Hepatitis C Trust to help them achieve their Goal of Eliminating Hepatitis C by 2030.

Hot on the heels of last week’s incredible Secret Auction success at Maddox Gallery, where Art on a Postcard auctioned off original postcard sized artworks by artists such as Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry, Art on a Postcard is back again this week and partnering up with CultureLabel to offer you the UltimArt GoldenTickets this Christmas!
For £10 only, you will be entered in with a chance of winning original artworks by this year’s most proclaimed UK artists such as Charming Baker, Kristjana S Williams, Ben Eine, Inky, Vanessa Gardiner and Many More!
Gemma Pepe, Director Art on a Postcard, Comments: 
''Our Christmas Golden Ticket collection is very exciting. Each artwork is by a collectable, interesting artist and the ticket would make a fabulous stocking filler or secret Santa gift. With 90% of the money raised going towards The Hepatitis C Trust’s campaign to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030, you can give twice with each ticket bought this Christmas''
Tickets are released this Thursday and Winners will be Announced on 4th January 2017
For More Information Please Contact:
020 7908 1627

Artists Postcards & Bios 

Alicia Rothman Biography
Alicia Rothman is a leading New York artist acclaimed internationally. Her unique paintings combine her original use of print techniques with traditional oil and other mediums to produce subtle and beautiful plays on shape and colour. Her influences include ancient wall paintings, Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance art in addition to 20th century textiles and painting. Her subjects vary from the animal kingdom to urban scenes, clowns or dancers and are all transformed under her artmanship into delicate and dreamlike works with an often ethereal quality.
Andrew McIntosh Mackie Biography 
With multiple solo and group exhibitions in London, McIntoshs work has been included in The Royal Summer Exhibition and awarded the Lynn Painters Stainers prize, alongside featuring in many private collections.
Ben Eine Biography
Eine is most notable for his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in London's Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Broadway Market areas. He has also taken his lettering to the streets of Paris, Stockholm, Hastings and Newcastle upon Tyne. Prior to becoming involved in commercial graffiti, Eine was a highly credible writer in the underground London graffiti scene. His unusual 'throw up' was created to stand out from the usual tags and dubs seen on the streets and can still be found in some areas of East London. Inspired by the work of fashion assassin Noki, Eine first started to explore more commercial avenues in a workshop above the Dragon Bar in Leonard Street, London. In his commercial work he has produced numerous lettering styles including: shutter, circus, neon, elton, vandalism and wendyEine then started to explore screen prints eventually working as a screen printer for cult screen print company Pictures On Walls. Eine produced many of the hand pulled prints for artists represented by POW including Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Mode2, Modern Toss and David Shrigley. His natural talent for colour combinations meant that he was able to enhance the work supplied by the artists. He left this position to pursue his own solo career in 2008.
Camille Walala Biography
Camille Walala is a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print. A graduate in Textile Design from the University of Brighton, her namesake brand was established in East London in 2009, where she continues to live. Recent work has seen her progressing from her popular textile based range to include Art Direction, Interior Design and a continued love affair with popup restaurants, where her love for food and design are brought to life. Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces - the bigger the better.
Carl Cashman Biography
Carl Cashman is a contemporary artist based in Devon, who creates stunning, vibrant geometric-based optical art generally with a neon based palette, a name Carl made for this is 'Neometry' or Neometric Art... when viewed under blacklight the works take on another life. In 2013 Carl had his debut solo show at Breezeblock Gallery Portland, Oregon which sold out in under 1 week.
Carne Griffiths Biography
From a mixed of unusual mediums, the work of Carne Griffiths blurs the boundaries of the physical and intangible realms, entering into the world of dreamlike visions. Manipulating liquids such as calligraphy inks, alcoholic beverages and graphite, he explores geometric and human forms within the day to day.  Griffiths established his own studio in 2010 after an extensive career at the longest established gold wire embroidery firm in the world where he developed his elaborate floral designs and worked with large clients and industries such as Asprey, the military, fashion, film, advertising and theatre. After twelve years, Griffith broke out on his own and has gone onto exhibited internationally across London, Spain and the United States.
Charming Baker Biography
Born in Hampshire 1964, Charming Baker spent much of his early life travelling around the world following his father, a Commando in the British Army. At the age of 12, he and his family finally settled in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Baker left school at 16 and worked various manual jobs and in 1985, having gone back to college, he was accepted onto a course at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s, where he later returned as a lecturer. After graduating, Baker worked for many years as a commercial artist as well as developing his personal work. Known to purposefully damage his work by drilling, cutting and even shooting it, Baker intentionally puts in to question the preciousness of art and the definition of its beauty, adding to the emotive charge of the work he produces. His work appears in many international collections and in multiple solo exhibitions throughout London and New York City.
Carrie Reichardt Biography
Carrie Reichardt is a craftivist whose work blurs the boundaries between craft and activism, using the techniques of ceramic and mosaic to create intricate, politicized works of art. Carrie trained at Kingston University and achieved a First class degree inFine Art from Leeds Metropolitan. In 2015 she spent 2 months as the International Visiting Artist at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA.  Carrie has been involved in international community and public art projects for over two decades. She has designed and consulted on large-scale mosaic murals and completed public projects celebrating with local communities in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.Her most recent ceramic installation was for the facade of the Victoria and Albert Museum, whilst her TikiLove Truck, a ceramic-adorned vehicle, was the star exhibit inside as part of the critically acclaimed Disobedient Objects exhibition.
Catherine Eldridge Biography
Having exhibited globally and most recently in a sell out show in Notting Hill, Catherine’s stunning oil paintings have gathered a loyal group o f’in the know’ followers.
Dean Fox Biography
The work of Dean Fox explores the beauty of simplicity and acceptance of the world around us. While many artists prefer to negatively comment on the socio-political issues of the day, his is a message of art and life. Fox takes the viewer on a spiritually journey to refocus our attentions to reside on the beauty of life, resulting in a refined reality. Teaching us that there are things in life we should hold onto and those we should leave, striping it back to the simplest form. "True art is to try and define the undefinable speak the unspeakable and should be undertaken in its honour."
Dougie Wallace Biography
East London-based photographer Dougie Wallace grew up in Glasgow hence his moniker, 'Glasweegee'. Internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct direct style of expressive street photography, his work has extensively been featured in international publications including the New York Times, The Sunday Times and Germany’s Stern Magazine. His books 'Stags, Hens and Bunnies, A Blackpool Story'  (Dewi Lewis Media, 2014) and 'Shoreditch Wild Life' (Hoxton Mini Press, 2014) received much critical acclaim and viral buzz. 'Road Wallah', a unique insight into Bombay’s cab drivers,  published February 2016 (Dewi Lewis Publishing) will be exhibited at numerous photo festivals and gallery shows this year. Dougie is fully represented worldwide by INSTITUTE artist Management Company. (Road Wallah.  Short-listed for the '2015 European book publisher’s award'.)
Filippo Minelli Biography
Filippo  Minelli  (Brescia,  IT  1983)  is  a  contemporary  artist  living  and  working  between Barcelona and London, analyzing and researching architecture, politics, communication and geography to create installations and performances documented through photography and video.Interested  in  the  landscape  and  public  spaces  Minelli  initially engages  in  instinctive  and unauthorized actions, which in the early two thousand made him a pioneer for Italy of what will  later  be  labeled  as street  art,  and  then  he  continued  a  personal  path  based  on  the aesthetics  of  protest,  bringing  politics  to  an  anthropological  and  introspective  level  by decontextualizing the use of tear gas, reversing the function of flags and borrowing from the aesthetics of protest slogans. After several projects abroad in solo and group exhibitions, in 2011 Minelli started to focus methodically on his native land documenting and conceptualizing the landscape of northern Italy. 
Guglielmo Alfarone Biography
Born in Italy, Guglielmo Alfarone has participated in national and international exhibitions since the age of 17.  Among others, his work has been displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and the Ca Pesaro Museum of Modern Art in Venice and he has taken part at the Venice Art Biennale. Furthermore, in 2008, he performed one of his live paintings in the gardens of the Guggenheim Museum of Venice. He has won several major Italian and European awards for his engravings and despite his young age, his works already form part of renowned public collections such as the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts and the Museum Foundation Cominelli in Italy, as well as appearing in the private collections of his patrons.  After graduating with a MA from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, he chose to further develop his work in London where he now lives and work.
Inkie Biography
Inkie is one of the most notorious and prolific graffiti writers in UK history to emerge out of the 80s Bristol scene. Painting alongside 3D, Nick Walker and Banksy, in 1989 the Kingpinwas arrested as the head of 72 other writers in the UKs largest ever Graffiti bust, Operation Anderson. He now curates and helps to organise Europes largest Street Art event See No Evil which attracted over 50,000 last August.  Inkie has since worked as head of design for SEGA, Xbox and currently works as Jade Jaggers in-house designer as well as running a West London design studio creating prints, illustrations and clothing. The globally respected artist, whose diverse inspirations include Mayan architecture, William Morris, Mouse & Kelly, Alphons Mucha and Islamic geometry has exhibited worldwide, been outed as Banksys right hand man by The Daily Mail and simultaneously lauded by The Times.
Kristjana S Williams Biography
This has been a momentous year for artist Kristjana S Williams, sweeping the awards board, the work is rapidly gaining the prominence it deserves, confounding all who see it with its mystical, magical beauty and strange resonances. Icelander Kristjana is fascinated with maps, with mythical creatures and with Victorian engravings, which she samples, mixes and matches to create images that take hold and wont let go. Collaborations with audio specialist Sennheiser and her corporate identity work for The Connaught Hotel demonstrate the range of depth of her unique imagination. Intrinsically inspiration lies heavily with layering nature upon nature and the symmetry in all things living which stems from the artists childhood in Iceland. When growing up the artist found nature there stark and unforgiving. Never seeing trees or colourful butterflies or exotic flowers – everything seemed grey. Now in retrospect, Kristjanafeels the opposite, the colours and landscape are like nowhere else in the world. Each piece created by the artist is its own universe of botanicals, atmosphere and animals, each born and grown from the things that have inspired her since being a child. With an exhibition alongside the likes of Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons at Shapero Rare Books in Mayfair and products flying out of a huge array of stores worldwide, it seems that the unique and continually evolving work of Kristjana S Williams will continue grow and develop for years to come.
Marc Standing Biography 
Marc Standing was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and spent his formative years in Africa. He works predominantly in the medium of painting, but also explores the medium of collage and sculpture. Themes in his practice relate to displacement, identity, colonialism and mysticism. Standing completed a BFA with distinction at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999. Having immigrated to Australia and spending the last six years in Hong Kong, he has recently relocated to London. Standing’s works have been shown extensively throughout Australia and have also been included in prominent Australian art prizes, as well as a commission work for The Groucho Club in London, a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and acquired by Artbank in Australia. He is represented by Art Labor in Shanghai; The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong; Anna Pappas Gallery in Melbourne and King Street Gallery in Sydney. In 2017 he will be artist in residence at Amilia Fushi in the Maldives and will then spend two months on a residency in the Philippines.  Standing’s work has been exhibited in New York, London, Shanghai, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Otto Schade Biography 
Otto has always felt an avid fascination for the Surrealists, as well as the freedom which surrounds abstract painting. This influence has made Otto turn his creative skills to painting, which has become his strongest passion and for which he has also been recognised with an honourable mention. The themes behind his compositions read in a personal, metaphorical sense with a sharp, ironic touch. With his paintings showing a unique style, proving an inventive imagination as well as a refined technique.  Otto begins a journey in the search for new ideas and wider exposure for his work, taking him to exhibit his work in Concepcion (Chile),Berlin (Germany), Moscow (Russia) , New York (US), Amsterdam (Netherland) and finally to London (UK), where he is currently living and working.
Vanessa Gardiner Biography 
Vanessa Gardiner was born in Oxford in 1960.  She studied painting at Central School of Art& Design in London.  She has exhibited widely since 1991 and her work is in many private and public collections around the world.  She lives and works in west Dorset and her next solo show 'Coastlines' will be at Sladers Yard, West Bay,  Dorset from 23 April - 19 June 2016. Description of picture "It is from high vantage points that I like to work and in this painting "Pentargon" inspired by the Cornish coastline near Boscastle, I am drawn to the natural architecture of the landscape: the sheer forms of the dark slate cliffs where the line of the coast path intriguingly follows the contours of the headlands and is echoed by the white surf of the sea."




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