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Art in Technicolour

Posted on June 28 2016

“Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves” - Pantone.

If that sounds like your ideal, here's a round up of our favorite works that are right on trend with Pantone's colours of the season.


Patrick Palmer - The Second Pretties Girl in Town

Pakpoom Silaphan - Warhol on Pepsi

Gillile and Marc - The ride was slow and bumpy but she didn't mind as long as she was with him

Sammy Slabbinck - Seascape

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'Limpet Shell'

Hey Studio - Lighthouse

Deepak Chowdhury - Alone At Last

Lauren Baker - The Ocean in My Heart

Jane Peart - Radiance

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Matt Needle - American Beauty

Patrick Jameson - 'Studio Experiments' 8

Jason Keeley - Red Kiss

Gillie and Marc - Finnegan Pup Art

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'Green Flash'

Martin Hunter - Clyde Car

Kate Banazi - Transmissions 3

Amy Louise Evans - We Grow I


Amanda Herzmann - Bramble Beetle

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For more colour boards see our Pinterest boards: Mellow YellowMulti Colour, Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Monochrome


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