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Art Expert and Journalist Chloe Grimshaw Curates her Top 10!

Posted on September 02 2016

The Curator's Choice
This week we have called upon the talents of art expert and renowned journalist Chloe Grimshaw.

Chloe Grimshaw is an established design, art and interiors journalist and author of three books, including the best-selling 'New London Style.’ She is currently working on a new book called ‘Creative Living Country’ which will be published by Thames & Hudson in Spring 2017.
Plinth creates unique products and limited editions by leading contemporary artists.

In Spring 2016, they released a their first series of limited editions by Cornelia Parker, Beatriz Milhazes, Richard Deacon, Richard Wilson and Ding Yi, in collaboration with Ikon Gallery. The Plinth team have a passion for artist-designed products that you can also use in your home and their most recent commissions include the ‘Sheep’ rug from Julian Opie and ceramic editions by Michael Craig-Martin and Richard Wentworth. 

These are Chloe’s picks of the best artist-designed products and limited editions at Culture Label.

1. Cube 1 - BBW, Rockman and Rockman Table 

We have been exploring the idea of trompe l’oeil Fiuxus designs at Plinth and love how this table looks like a 3-dimensional object but is actually completely flat.
2. ‘Abercrombie’ Simon Periton 

I love his approach to working with glass, and have always loved his glass, barbed wire edition for the Multiple Store, ‘Barbiturate II’.

3. ‘Seed’ Sculpture, Conrad Shawcross 

A wonderful limited edition, released alongside Shawcross’ dramatic installation in the Royal Academy courtyard, ‘The Dappled Light of the Sun’ in 2015. 

4. A Map of Days - set of 4 plates - Grayson perry 

Grayson Perry designs such innovative products and editions for the home and I particularly like this set of plates. 
I was intrigued by the possibilities of having one image over three objects, and I like the way you can jumble them up or display them in order, as you wish. A great example of design and function.

6. Sheep - Julian Opie

We use this as a picnic blanket and I love the idea of these sheep in a meadow, being placed on the lawn in our local park.


7. Gary Hume Rug Door 2

Perhaps as close as I can get to Gary Hume’s door paintings from the Eighties...

8. Michael Craig Martin Deckchair - Royal Parks 

Nothing says summer like a brightly coloured deckchair in Craig-Martin’s signature searing pink. 

9. Sir Peter Blake deckchair - Royal Parks

For a nearly matching pair!

10. Best Thing (Gladys Knight) Mr WooWoo

To remind me of the perfect summer song.


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