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A Beginner's Guide: Top 10 Tips For Buying Art Online

Posted on April 07 2017



Cut through the endless information online about art and gain clarity on how to buy the perfect piece.

Here are 10 useful tips to help you conquer the art market!



Cullykhan Bay
Koen Lybaert


1. Know where to look

When buying a work of art online, go to a source you can trust! High quality photography is essential to ensure you know exactly what you're buying.

Completely lost? Use an art advisory service. CultureLabel offers a free consultation with no obligation - win win!



 Blue Bird (Large)
Andy Wilx


2. Go in with an open mind

It's always good to know what you want, but don't forget to be flexible. Artists are creatives and will think of things you haven't. Prepare for the unexpected and you'll probably find something even better!


3. Fame isn't everything...

You may know and like work by famous artists, but chances are they are going to be seriously expensive! Why not hunt around for something similar at a lower price?

If working with an art advisor doesn't appeal, then try searching online yourself; use filters or key words to search. You may discover something even better by an artist you didn't know existed!



Loch An Eilein
Original Painting
Koen Lybaert


Koen Lybaert's paintings are often compared to the work of famous artist Gerhard Richter - purchase a similar work for the fraction of the price!

Read our article: Top 5 Artists to Collect in 2017 to discover some more rising stars!



4. On a budget?

It's often assumed that all art is expensive, but there are definitely affordable options available - perfect for first time buyers. Try sorting your search by price and explore artworks in your budget.


5. Can't afford it?

Fallen in love with something out of your budget? Why not spread out the cost over 10 months with Own Art 0% finance? It couldn't be easier!



Love Out Loud
David Shillinglaw


All of David Shillinglaw's works are available for purchase with Own Art 0% finance. Read full T&Cs HERE



6. Know what you're buying

All art work is different, so make sure you know what you're buying. Is it a sculpture, painting or a print? If it's a print, is it limited edition or open edition? and so on... Answering these questions will help you decide whether the piece is worth the investment.


7. Hanging and framing

Take into account how and where you will display your artwork. Unsure on framing? Buy an artwork framed to save you time and effort!



Hang artworks together to make a real statement!

Read our article: How To Create A Gallery Wall  for inspiration.


8. Shipping

Artwork is usually sent by courier or tracked and signed for delivery. Take this into account when ordering you artwork... if you work full time, why not get it delivered to your work address? You don't want to miss your delivery!


9. Commitment-phobe?

Don't panic about the commitment of buying an artwork. Unsure if you'll like it? Buy from a reliable vendor and you can return it if you change your mind. Simple!



Rupert Newman


10. LOVE what you're buying

Our final word of advice? Only buy pieces you love. You have to live with it so you have to love it!






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