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7 pictures that will remind you how amazing Earth is

Posted on April 22 2016

Today, leaders from 160 countries will officially sign the Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day 2016 in order to stem global warming.

The signing makes this year's Earth Day one of the most important in years.

Earth Day began in 1970 as a day to celebrate the planet and encourage people to be more environmentally friendly. The first celebration was held in the US after a devastating oil spill, and is widely regarded as the beginning of the modern environmental movement. 

To remind us all how special our planet really is, here's a collection of stunning images of the 7 Natural Wonders of The World...

1. Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights 

Photo credit: V. Belov/Shutterstock


2. The Grand Canyon

Photo credit: Wotons Throne Cape Royal Grand Canyon / Shutterstock


3. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Image courtesy of miragewhitsundays.com.au


4. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo credit: hdwallpapershoot.com


5. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Image courtesy of xoevents.travel


6. Mount Everest, Nepal

Image courtesy of chinatourguide.com


7. Paricutin Volcano, Mexico

Photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey


Click here to browse our Earth inspired art collection >


It's the perfect time to start thinking about the planet we live on and how to save it, so do your bit for the environment today!

Love CultureLabel HQ x



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