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Art On A Postcard Meet Fin DAC

Posted on April 20 2016


Art on a Postcard have teamed up with CultureLabel to offer you a rare chance to win new original postcard-sized artworks from world-renowned and collectable artists through an amazing Postcard Lottery! 

All artworks have been made and donated by world-class artists especially for the lottery, all to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust - the national UK charity for hepatitis C.

When Art On A Postcard posted Fin DAC's postcard he created for the Lottery on Facebook, it got a bigger reaction than any other card. 

In a relatively short urban art career, Fin DAC has defined and perfected an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art almost completely. Armed with a fine free-hand spraying technique, Fin DAC creates work in such a remarkable way, that many of his works look as if they are paintings or drawings, as he achieves a depth and tone with a spray can that most cannot.

With many of his prints selling out each time a new print is released, it is no surprise to see Fin DAC's name associated so credibly within the urban and modern contemporary art scenes. His murals abroad have attracted large crowds, with Fin DAC's murals and activity even responsible for starting urban art movements amongst the younger generations within cities such as Bogota. Countries Fin DAC has painted murals in are Brazil, France, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, USA (Miami, NY, LA, Palm Springs, Denver, Minneapolis and Coachella Valley), Germany, Italy, Holland and Ireland.

We were delighted to see Fin at the private view last week and Art On A Postcard managed to grab a few minutes with the artist...


Fin DAC at the AoaPC/Jealous Private View on 12 April

Fin DAC's artwork for the Postcard Lottery

AoaPC: You normally work on a very large scale, was it challenging to produce a postcard size version of your work?

Fin DAC: Haha yes it really was… a total rethink in fact. But I focussed on the pointillism style that my spray technique creates and reproduced that effect with a fine point pen

AoaPC: How did you meet Art on a Postcard and what made you want to work with them?

Fin DAC: I was invited to do a live paint at an event in Ibiza a few years ago through a London gallerist who was a mutual friend of mine and Gemma (the founder of Art on a Postcard). It was a very successful event and I met and spoke to the founder about her own story and history with hep C

AoaPC: What are you working on at the moment?

Fin DAC: Creating a new screenprint at Jealous Gallery in London for release later in the month with Beautiful Crime

AoaPC: Which is your favourite print in the Art on a Postcard Jealous collection and why?

Fin DAC: Danny O Connor’s… just because I’ve liked his work for a long, long time


There's only 10 days left to enter the Art On A Postcard Lottery!

Find out more here



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