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The Curator's Choice: Bridgeman Gallery

Posted on April 19 2016

This week's Curator's Choice collection has been carefully selected by
Lucy Innes Williams and Charlotte Proctor Smith of Bridgeman Gallery.

Bridgeman Gallery is a new online gallery selling original artwork. The gallery is the newest brand from Bridgeman Images, the leading global fine art and cultural image licensing agency. Showcasing original artwork from established artists, this dynamic duo take pride in handpicking the best contemporary artists to offer original illustration, fine art and photography.

The Gallery’s ethos reflects a passion for illustration and printmaking and an eye for supporting highly collectable artists to develop their investment potential.


Lucy's top picks: 

1. Limited Edition Set of Four Mugs, by Vanessa Conyers and Rosie Emerson

"Vanessa Conyers and Rosie Emerson have collaborated on this beautiful set of mugs. A great meeting of minds between two creative friends has created this work of art with a deeply practical use. While our weather is still undecided, one can take comfort in drinking a nice cup of tea from something that tastes and looks good. A great present, and vaguely reminiscent of the famous blue and white Cornishware too - Bonus!"


2. Charlotte Evans ‘Stars’

"Charlotte created a range of new gouache paintings especially for the launch of Bridgeman Gallery. This is a unique, original artwork that is bright, bold, perfect for spring using an interesting range of media."

3. Ros Millar ‘Orb’ Ring

"Sleek, simple and entirely versatile with a clean silhouette you can wear on any occasion. A timeless, decorative piece which avoids being too fussy."


4. David David ‘Umbrella U4’

"In a country where we use umbrellas every other day (or at least if feels like it!) it’s refreshing to have a brighter, bolder option to choose from. It's perfect for brightening your day throughout the April showers! Never get lost in a crowd of black umbrellas again."


5. Fanny Shorter ‘Calathea’ Cushion

"My brother bought me this cushion for Christmas and I absolutely love it. It has joined a collection of bright velvet cushions I already had, and absolutely pops with colour against my grey living room walls.

Fanny Shorter has an excellent eye for colour and has a real knack for turning a traditional practice into a contemporary item through her exciting colour palette choices."

6. Claire Coles ‘Crane’

"I’m a total magpie and my eye is always drawn to a flash of gold in any context – art or otherwise! I like that this work appears to draw equal inspiration from textiles and embroidery, as much as it does oriental brush and ink paintings. This work would create a statement in any space and could easily anchor an entire room layout."

7. Eve Stenram ‘Drape XIV’

"I normally enjoy photography that looks captured rather than staged but this work is an exception. It’s sheer awkwardness in terms of the pose of the sitter amuses me, and I keeping coming back to the thought that it must have taken a while to set the shot up. Of course more than anything you want to be able to move the curtain to one side and reveal the sitter’s face."


Charlotte's top picks: 

8. Calum McClure 'Two Monkey Puzzles'

"McClure is an artist to watch from Glasgow School of Art. His work has recently been selected by Barbara Rae in the RA exhibition 'Between the Land and the Sea'. I love the dreamlike colouring in this piece - it's Pantone's 'Serenity' colour of the year."


9. Nick Holdsworth 'David Bowie'

"A unique, hand painted pixel portrait to celebrate and honour the life and work of this cultural legend."


10. Morgan Silk 'Eucalyptus 1'

"Silk is an incredibly talented photographer, both in his technical skill and his ability to capture a moment with such detail and subtly that affords each of his images a timeless and quiet sense of beauty.

I love this beautiful photo of a Eucalyptus tree - Silk manages to capture its majesty whilst also evoking its sense of history and the important role it plays in our natural world and the fragile future it represents."

11. Amy Louise Evans 'We Build'

"Amy Louise Evans is a young print maker and illustrator who is fascinated by traditional media and forms and combining these with modern digital techniques.

This print in particular harks back to the bold shapes and forms of artists like Matisse, while giving a contemporary and very modern perspective to the human form. She is definitely one to watch!"


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