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5 reasons why we love Vik Muniz this Easter

Posted on March 24 2016

This Easter we shine a spot light on 
Vik Muniz, an exceptional Brazilian Academy Award nominated artist, who delights and amazes us by using unusual materials (INCLUDING CHOCOLATE!) to create portraits, landscapes and still lifes, which he photographs and then destroys.

He's known for his masterful use of unexpected materials such as chocolate syrup, toy soldiers and paper confetti, but the breath taking resulting images transcend mere gimmickry!

Here's 5 reasons why we love Vik Muniz:

  1. Some of his works are made from chocolate syrup! Yum yum - see feature image Raul. 

  2. He is currently working with a team at MIT to inscribe a castle on a grain of sand.

  3. He uses everyday materials such as trash, sugar, thread, or chocolate syrup, allowing the viewer to connect to his work in a completely different way from most fine art.

  4. He featured in the documentary film Waste Land. The documentary chronicles Vik travelling to one of the largest garbage dumps in the world - Jardim Gramacho - where he creates artworks from the trash. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary and won over 50 other film awards.

  5. He inspires us to think of everyday objects in different wayswhilst altering our view on the transcendence of an image. 
Raul by Vik Muniz is a C-Type Print and is in an edition of 20 from the Fifa 2004 project.


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