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Art At Your Fingertips

Posted on January 04 2016

The Meural Digital Canvas; Art At Your Fingertips

Introducing the The Meural Connected Canvas; an internet-connected digital canvas, with an optimised display that brings Art and Photography to your wall, instantly.

For the first time, you are in complete control of the Art and Photography on your wall. You're able to easily upload your own photos and images or choose from Mueral's image library and then build a timeline of which images show, and when.

It can be controlled on the web, on your phone or at the frame through gesture control.

The Meural Connected Canvas

Hailed as 'tinder for art', we realise that this piece won't be for everyone and is sure to split opinion between those who feel art should be appreciated and consumed in it's true form and those that are more willing to roll with the times.

But we don't see this as a replacement for the 'real thing', but more a way of making art totally accessible. 

"If you've been wanting a Van Gogh or Dali on your wall, Meural can make your dreams come true." - psfk.com

Van Gogh  on your wallDali on your wall 

To find out more, we caught up with the Mueral creators to pick their brains: 

What was the inspiration behind Meural?

"We believe everyone should always have access to art and photography - we should all be able to learn about art, experience it, and enjoy it. For many, the worlds of art and photography can be intimidating - what does this image mean? who made it? if I buy it and put it on my wall, will I get sick of it? will I seem silly asking these questions? - and we wanted to remove these barriers.

Meural is the modern solution to an age-old problem: how to easily and beautifully express yourself in your home, in a way that doesn't break the bank. Hundreds of years ago, people would commission copies of paintings. Then came prints. Today, alongside your originals and prints, you have Meural, a bubbling stream of art and photography that lives and evolves with you."

How do you see this affecting the way people consume art?

"Meural means that art is no longer attached to the object. Transforming art into content means we ALL get access to extraordinary art and photography - we can each learn about, enjoy, and experience art again and again, as often as we want."

Who do you have on your Meural?

"At the Meural office in New York City, we're currently showing some of the beautiful art from the Bridgeman collection - including wonderful pieces by Lautrec and Monet. We've also got some fascinating NASA photos of the desert, taken from space - truly inspiring."

How often do you change the image?

"We have a constant flow of visitors to the Meural office. When people visit, they're often surprised that they're looking at a digital display - they think it's a print! Once they realise they can change the image with a swipe of their hand, well, there's no stopping them!"



The Meural Connected Canvas is available on CultureLabel.com for £430. Only 5 available. Shop here.



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