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5 Reasons You Should Invest in Art this Christmas!

Posted on December 12 2017

Art can - and should - be enjoyed on any budget and there is something out there for everybody's tastes, but if you need any further encouragement then read on to find out our 5 reasons you should invest in art this Christmas!

1. Art feeds the mind, body and soul.

It has been proven time and again that art helps to reduce stress and assist with health issues, both mental and emotional.  Surrounding yourself with beautiful images is a sure-fire way to improve your mood - not to mention feeding your ego when everybody compliments your impeccable style! 

Red (Orange)
Mark Rothko
Limited Edition Off-set Lithograph Print

2. Buying Art is a great investment.

Art is an incredibly exciting area to place your money in, especially if you love what you are buying.  Buying from contemporary artists is a particularly fun way to start - take a look through our collections and see what catches your eye.

Poolside Gossip
Slim Aarons
Photographic Print
From £100

3. It supports the Artist in a time where creativity is overshadowed by corporation.

It increasingly feels like we live in a world directed by mass produced, fast consumerism, all at the hands of huge companies and corporations. Why not take the time to buy something truly original and unique, whilst also supporting creative individuals?

Red Raft
Calam McClure
Framed Monotype

4. It brings people together.

Whether its a shared love of a particular artist or style, or a heated debate over whether its "any good" or not, art can inspire thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives.  Having a piece hanging in your dining room is sure to bring some good conversation to the table!

When You Made Me Laugh So Much I Cried
Lauren Barker
Mixed Media on Canvas

5. Art has historical value. As Nina Simone said 
'An Artist’s duty... is to reflect the time.'

Art is able to reflect the politics, culture, events and general life of our time, often expressed through the personal thoughts of the artist.  Looking back on this firsthand will allow for much greater insight in the future - not an opportunity you want to miss out on.

Chariots of Fire
Steven Quinn
Limited Edition Print





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