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5 Reasons You Should Invest In Art In 2018!

Posted on January 09 2018

It's a New Year - a fresh start should mean new art!

Here are our 5 reasons you shouldn't be afraid to Invest in Art this 2018.

1. Art feeds the mind, body and soul

Art has been proven to reduce stress and assist with health issues, both mental and emotional. Surrounding yourself with beautiful imagery is sure to improve your mood - not to mention feeding your ego when everybody compliments your impeccable style!

2. Art is a great investment

Art is an incredibly exciting area to explore and is a tangible investment!

Our best advice? Buy work you love - you have to live with it!

3. It supports artists

It increasingly feels like we live in a world of mass produced products. Why not treat yourself to something truly original and unique, whilst also supporting creative individuals?

Up to 90% of profits go back to our artists!

4. Art brings people together

Whether it's a shared love of a particular artist or style, or a heated debate over who is "one to watch", art can inspire thought-provoking discussions and new perspectives!

5. Art has historical value

Art reflects the politics, events and culture of its time. Invest in contemporary art to preserve the voices of the present!

So, you want to Invest in Art this year but aren't sure where to begin?
Jump into the Own Art collection to discover affordable original artworks, for which the cost can be split into monthly installments - with 0% APR!

...Or perhaps you want to enjoy some fresh prints? Explore our exhaustive collection of Limited Edition Prints.


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