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5 Reasons Why We Love Roy Lichtenstein

Posted on September 13 2016

In the lead up to CultureCatalyst Exhibition we are getting super excited about the featured artists!  

The Pop Artist Icon: Here are 5 reasons why we love Roy Lichtenstein.



He Brought us Pop Art

Alongside icons such as Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein was a leading figure in the pop art movement. Influenced by comic books and popular advertising, he created bright, precise paintings that flattened the world into 2d blocks of colour. Interestingly, he created his first pop art style painting ‘Look Mickey’ in 1961, after his son pointed at an image in a Mickey Mouse Comic Book saying, “I bet you can’t paint as good as that, eh, dad?”. It seems he could.


His Vibrant colours

It is scientifically proven that bright colours boost your mood. What could be better than to surround yourself with Lichtenstein’s pop art masterpieces? His primary colour beauties will certainly put a smile on your face.



Originally derived from comic books to convey an action in a motionless image, Lichtenstein took these onomatopoeic words to the next level! He painted them on huge scales to make a real impact.





His Fabulous Ladies

Lichtenstein’s beautiful ladies have become iconic. Everybody knows them for their perfectly pink skin, created by numerous red dots, perfect makeup, perfect hair and perfect tear drops. They are, quite literally, picture perfect.




Still Life

Still life has been a constant subject of painting throughout art history. Lichtenstein’s fruit and glass still lifes are so simple, they are almost comical but, somehow, it just works. Using blocks of colour and black and white lines, his works play with 2d and 3d simultaneously, confusing the eye.





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