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The Top 10 Art Blogs of 2015

Posted on October 16 2015

 At CultureLabel we love absorbing as much culture as is mentally and physically possible.   

Whether its galleries, museums, books, pop ups or our favourite lunchtime past time… our beloved blogs!

We have had a whip round the CultureLabel office to share and compare our favourite art aficionados currently ruling the online art world with both wit and wisdom, keeping us entertained and informed on a daily basis.

Please have a peruse of our top ten picks, in no particular order, below.


Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay’s blog was born out of its original magazine created by artist Amir Fallah and Jay Littleton back in the 90’s, when they were just 16.

Their passion and dedication to art and design is reflected in the stories they serve us on a daily basis.

They will go to any lengths to achieve extraordinary coverage and the publication still carries that same youthful sense of rebellion and experimentation that influenced the very first issues. For their second ever publication Amir and cohort Jay Littleton attempted to interview infamous graffiti writer CAST in a maximum security prison three times. Each time they were turned away, because A) they were 16, and, B) you have to be on a visitors list. Of course they didn’t know that at the time… but eventually persevered by securing the interview via good old fashioned snail mail!

As Beautiful Decay’s 20 year anniversary approaches, its coverage of ground breaking art and design is a fundamental and inspirational resource for artists, art collectors, and creative taste makers from all walks of life.



 Consciousness, Graham Fagen




The Jealous Curator

Danielle Krysa AKA The Jealous Curator keeps us simultaneously informed and entertained with her insightful and witty coverage of artwork and exhibitions not to mention the exceptional imagery throughout the blog which acts as a strong visual treat for the eyes.

“There is one moment, in the first few seconds, when you look at a piece of art and know that you love it. It’s the moment when, if you’re an artist yourself, you look at it and feel a rush of uplifting inspiration… and total soul crushing jealousy all at the same time. It’s when you walk away thinking, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.”

Krysa has worked as a graphic designer, curator and Creative Director for 15 years and has several books published.

We LOVE the fact that you are encouraged to send in artist recommendations that might make the Jealous Curator jealous!



YOKO ONO Franklin Summer BALTIC £450.00

Franklin Summer



It’s Nice That

Since its creation in 2007 we at CultureLabel have been regular readers of It’s Nice That! Thoroughly enjoying posts by the brilliant editorial team, consisting of the talented Emily Gosling, Rebecca Fulleylove, Billie Muraben and Alex Hawkins to name a few!

It’s Nice That champion’s creativity across a whole host of disciplines and they also work to publish original and engaging work from both established names and talented newcomers.

Always at the forefront of cutting edge events and exhibitions, it keeps its readers up to date, entertained and in the know!



Icons in a Smoke-Filled Room, Claes Oldenburg


Icons in a Smoke-Filled Room




Written by Sara Barnes, Brown Paper Bag is an illustration-loving blog that celebrates the field in its many forms including books, ceramics, tattoos and embroidery.

Sara Brown is a talented illustrator who lives and breathes all things illustrated. She rejoices in more than just the standard editorial images you see in magazines, covering fashion but also tattoos, packaging and illustrated products that are all important parts of our visual culture and Sara gives them a perfect platform to shine!


 Lily Pond Blue, Laurie Hastings

Lily Pond Blue



Tina Roth Eisenberg describes her blog as ‘a personal visual archive, influenced by renowned Swiss design and a lot of fresh mountain air’.

The slick and elegant layout of the blog makes the engaging content pop and we could spend hours absorbed in articles and videos; such as Trust Breeds Magic, Your Next Side project is Your Big Win and the Creative Mornings series.

Tina obviously lives by her belief in taking personal projects seriously and is an inspiration to many including us. Since graduating Tina has been busy working at several prominent NYC design firms, running swissmiss the blog and design studio, organising a monthly breakfast lecture series called CreativeMornings, running a simple browser-based to-do app called TeuxDeux and founding Tattly, a designy temporary tattoo shop. Phew!



Rebel Rebel, Trafford Parsons


Rebel Rebel





Honest, cutting edge and entertaining. Once you pop you can’t stop with this blog! They focus on covering street art, graffiti, and viral art that you won’t find anywhere else.

Started by RJ Rushmore, who became a fan of street art alongside his father when they began collecting art and searching out street art together in early 2008. RJ has written two books, curated some fantastic exhibitions and is currently curator for LMNL Gallery.

Some of RJ’s favourite street artists include Jenny Holzer, Brad Downey, Troy Lovegates, John Fekner and Swoon.


Avenger - New York City Triptych, Ben Allen


Avenger - New York City Triptych




With its daily digest of art news and highly qualified writers, we take our hats off to the ArtsJournal!  

The content is intelligent and engaging, divided easily into architecture, issues, art, music, culture, ideas, the writers include leading figures in the academic art world.

ArtsJournal’s editor is Douglas McLennan, formerly an arts columnist and arts reporter. Doug writes the blog on ArtsJournal, tweets as @AJDoug and for a number of publications. He also teaches at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC and is a popular speaker on issues of arts, culture, journalism and how the digital revolution is changing culture.


Picture This, Sammy Slabbinck

 Picture This



Jonathan Jones on Art

Jonathan Jones is the godfather of art journalism. Intelligent, witty and intriguing, you can always expect to be thoroughly entertained and at the same time come away with the knowledge of exactly what you should go and see. Never disappointed.

Covering an eclectic mix of shows across the country in all sorts of places and not just the big names, Jones is a true and honest advocate for the arts.



Madman, Outline Editions




Confessions Of A Design Geek

Katie Treggiden loves design to the point of obsession, which makes her our go-to-blogger for all design related news!  

Currently writing for Elle Decoration, The Guardian's Weekend Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, The Spaces, and Dezeen and having won Best Interior Design Blog in Great Britain, Katie Treggiden is a trusted and celebrated voice in the world of design.


 Pipework Candelabra Three, Nick Fraser

Pipework Candelabra Three

The Bridgeman Blog

Covering all areas from art history to exhibition reviews, visual trends to copyright, the Bridgeman blog inspires discussion about everything that is happening in the art, media and design industry and is at the centre of the latest news, ideas and industry tips and tricks.

With access to one of the world’s largest image libraries, Bridgeman Images, the visuals are always stunning and the community is driven by a love and knowledge for art, history and culture.

They’re currently collecting a wealth of knowledgeable contributors, click to register your interest as a Bridgeman blogger.



Into the Night, Keith Hau

Into the Night



By Lucy Baxter

Commercial Director CultureLabel.com



Metaphysical Graffiti, Ben Allen

Metaphysical Graffiti


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