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Inside Nitin Goyal London

Posted on July 21 2015

Now celebrating their 10th year of design, Nitin Goyal London has fast established its trademark luxury interior textiles with an instantly recognisable signature look of visually and texturally tactile fabrics. 

We recently caught up with Nitin Goyal himself, to find out more about his inspiration and process...

     Cushions from the printed range   Cushions from the printed range  Designer Nitin Goyal
(Designer Nitin Goyal and cushions from the printed range)


Tell us how you work – what are your muses?

Since childhood I have been greatly influenced by all the unique artisan crafts and skills and the lush rich colours! I was surrounded by artisans who could make magical things by hand and I was always drawn to them. I loved fabrics and textures and used to play with fabrics, draping them to create new shapes, from childhood. Geometry and movement of lines found in nature and everyday objects always inspired me from the very beginning as well, and to this day remain central to all my designs.


Are there any particular fabrics that you love to use, why?

On my travels around India I was always curious to see how textiles were made, dyeing of yarns, traditional methods of spinning, weaving …indigo dyeing, block making and printing … they all influenced my creative thoughts through the years.
I love working with natural fabrics, organic cotton, fine linens, pure silks and sumptuous cotton velvets. I love the feel and texture mix that can be created at once working with these fabrics and increasingly we find it really important that our fabrics are organically and ethically sourced, a direction we started with our 100% organic cotton range to great success. 


A few of your cushions are hand smocked. What is it about this particular process that appeals to you?

The craft of Making - it is just so special what skilled hands can do to a flat piece of fabric. I have always been fascinated with adding a new dimension to a flat piece of fabric. I champion artisan skills and my aim is to bring them to the forefront of the contemporary modern interiors market. Most of our products are handmade and our mission remains to make sure this age old crafts survive in today’s environment. I make personal trips to India and work with the artisans directly to ensure the fair wage and work ethics are always maintained and importantly that their skills are also developed in the process, something they can be proud of and pass onto generations to come.


What are the positive aspects of today's design and craft environment?

The rise of Designer Maker has redefined how we perceive craft these days. The two aspects have successfully merged together to provide an interesting mix of new functional well designed products. We now romanticise the handmade because we yearn for quality, not quantity.
The merging of new design and craft has been at the very core of our brand values since the very beginning and today's environment has given us the opportunity to achieve the right mix for this.


What moved you to start your own business, how did it come about?

As a child I was always keen on design and fashion. I enrolled myself to study BA Fashion & Textiles and after completing my MA at Nottingham Trent University I decided to launch my own brand for Fashion and Home Textiles.


Are there any other designers that have inspired your work or design process?

Yes, Rei Kawakubo / Issey Miyake / Martin Margela / Mc Queen to name but a few…


What inspired the new collection?

The colourful artworks of the artist Pablo Griss – his use of geometric shapes and lines to create metaphorical spaces are truly inspiring. The collection is homage to the colourful play of lines and shapes to create new prints and textures.


What advice would you give to an up and coming designer?

Believe in yourself. Learn to say ‘No' and Never Compromise!


If you had to buy one art/design work from Culture Label what would it be?

The Cranberries - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (2001) from The Proud Archivist by Storm Thorgerson.


Explore the full Nitin Goyal collection here



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