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Meet the designer: Yen Jewellery

Posted on June 10 2016

Founder of Yen Jewellery, Yen Duong is a London based jewellery designer making unique and intriguing jewellery.

Above: Yen Duong

Yen expresses her passion for design through jewellery. By focusing on movement and fluidity, her work addresses complexities that go beyond the purely aesthetic. Elegant and considered designs encapsulate a rare intriguing quality and her work is imbued with a unique attraction.

We caught up with Yen to find out more about her intricate pieces and her inspiration.

Above: Yen's signature molecule design


Getting to know Yen:

Proud of her Vietnamese heritage and complemented by an early childhood spent in Wales, Yen takes delight from a diverse upbringing:

"I have fond memories of an early childhood in Vietnam. I knew my family were embarking on a journey and a new life in the UK. I remember hiding in a rice container, as I didn’t want to leave! Now I think about how varied my early life was and how that has influenced my creativity" says Yen. We also got to hear her fond memories of her first pet: "My first pet was a pig. I remember trying to ride around everywhere on him!"

"I also lived in Hong Kong when I was a little girl. The street life, the vibrancy – there is nothing quite like it! I’m looking forward to taking my children one day for a real adventure."

"Part of my childhood was also spent in Wales. It’s a really tricky language but I actually managed to understand and speak a bit of basic Welsh."


Behind the pieces: 

1. Lemon Quartz Pendant

Yen Jewellery, established in 1996, still retains an uncompromising passion for thought-provoking design. Experimentation and re-creation enable the collections to remain fresh and contemporary.

"This piece encapsulates exciting changes in Yen Jewellery. Energy, growth and evolution are the words that spring to mind when I see this pendant. Glorious pops of colour, sparkle, and a completely new take on my signature Molecule design. I love how bold it is; it represents change and I love the flourish of molecules that surround the quartz."

2. Molecule Simple Bracelet

Yen is fascinated by the construction of jewellery and how this influences the feel of a piece, by focusing on the ways in which the structural and connective complexities relate. The exciting challenge is to design jewellery that makes precious metal feel soft and dynamic.

"This piece completely encompasses my creative vision when I was starting out - to make jewellery feel as good as it looks. The molecule design makes up my core collection and has become my signature. I love that twenty years on this piece still makes clients smile with enjoyment and intrigue as it moves and glistens in the light."


3. Aestivation Stacking Rings - Topaz and Ruby

Subtle nuances diffuse and differentiate the ranges, designed to appeal to various tastes and for all occasions.

"These alternative eternity and wedding bands are so delicate and feminine. I love how they offer an alternative option to more traditional wedding jewellery. These rings represent a new direction and I am very excited about these."




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