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Posted on May 26 2016

Jane Peart: Artist and Adventurer

From intimate, whimsical animal compositions and the serene monochrome of moonlight to glimpses into everyday street life, Jane Peart's enchanting copper-plate etchings are hugely inspired by her extraordinary travels.

All of her work evokes the atmosphere and feel of the scene inviting the viewer to share in her experiences. The monochrome and muted colour schemes gives her work a nostalgic air with a wonderful reminiscence of old postcards.

We caught up with Jane to find out more about her inspiration and the stories behind her favourite works...


Getting to know Jane Peart

Her influence

"After I left college I travelled with my now husband to Australia and worked there for 7 months saving up money to enable us to travel back to the UK overland as much as possible. We eventually got to Kathmandu, Nepal where we bought an old transit van and drove back to the UK. We foolishly drove over the Khyber Pass with bald tyres - we heard it was cheaper to get tyres in Afghanistan - the infallibility of youth. We had to go through countries that sadly would be impossible, or very foolhardy to do now including Afghanistan and Iran - all of it a wonderful experience. A lot of my work involves memories of my travels; it seems that these are the things that stand out in my mind."

Her daily inspiration

"I really enjoy visiting gardens, Kew is one of my favourite places and I have visited it ever since I was a child. I think it's great to have the high quality cameras on mobile phones, one of my hobbies is photographing the flowers. I generally enjoy photography and have a bank of my images that I use as reference when I'm making my etchings." 

Her greatest achievement

"I suppose, with regard to my work, my greatest achievement has been making a 42 plate print for the John Radcliffe Hospital Trust Oxford. A truly mammoth task!"

Her favourite memory

"I think one of the most memorable things that I have done was snorkeling in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya, it was magical with the most bizarrely colourful fish to be seen. They looked as if a child had coloured them in! I have also danced with Masai men. My husband was offered 3 cows for me - very flattering!"



In The Artist's Words

The memories, people and places behind Jane's favourite works of art:

'At the Temple of Heaven, Beijing'

I had always wanted to visit China and when my youngest son got a job teaching English in South Korea it was the ideal excuse to go there to meet up with him; a holiday for both him, my husband and myself.  We were lucky enough to visit China twice, the first time we spent some time in Beijing.  It was wonderful to see all the highly decorated temples and I think the Temple of Heaven was the most impressive of all.  There were throngs of people surrounding it and in the print I wanted to portray the crowds being drawn to it.  The  etching was technically very challenging, a very complicated print to achieve with all of the detail and light and dark areas.  I was very pleased with the result.


'Lean On Me'

I have always enjoyed making images of animals and birds and this print is one of my favourites.  I love elephants and have seen them in the wild in both Kenya and Thailand although these elephants were from Whipsnade Zoo.  I love the interaction there is with elephants between the mother and baby and feel that the print successfully shows the love and affection that exists between them.  

Technically the other thing I like about the print is, I feel, it shows the texture of the skin well; the ruggedness of the animal which at the same time has such a loving nature.


'Woodland Glade'

I went for a walk through the woods on a glorious summer's day and was inspired by the light shining through the trees.  I really wanted to capture what I saw and also venture in to colour with this print.  I was very pleased with the result and the print has inspired me to do some more colour work which makes it a special print for me.


Explore Jane's full collection of works here >



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