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Meet the Artist: RUPERT NEWMAN

Posted on June 03 2016

Meet the Artist: 


For those in the know, Rupert Newman is the man you call when you need to take a party to the next level. His out-of-this-world light displays have brought life and soul to some of the summer’s hottest events, festivals (including Burning Man) and high profile weddings. Hailed as one of the most exciting contemporary British artists, Rupert produces bespoke and highly original work to transform architecture and objects into unique and dynamic platforms for digital display.



Newman plays with the abstraction of space, colour and light to form compositions in his shows.

"I am a colourist. Colours are there to be explored and I love juxtaposing different colours to create harmony and balance within composition. I also work with light. My paintings are animated and projected onto buildings, with music, turning my art into experience".

Relying on colour to communicate a meaning and focusing on basic geometric forms, Newman combines these principles, and intelligently applies innovative technology to transpose his vision onto buildings and objects. Newman aims to achieve rhythm and movement in his work, juxtaposing colours and overlapping crystalline shapes in a logical and balanced composition.



"I am able to work from anywhere....I lived in Berlin for a year - an amazing place to get inspired both visually and rhythmically. There is always a feeling of rhythm running through my work. I love the waves of the ocean and often immerse myself in them. The experience of surfing a huge wave is like floating through air. This fuels my inspiration".

Rupert Newman for CultureLabel

In 2015, Rupert turned his artistic talents to wearable Art, collaborating with CultureLabel on a brand new and exclusive menswear line. Rupert Newman's florescent ‘kaleidoscope meets animal print’ designs were transformed into a limited edition range of luxury menswear and prints:

“It's amazing to see my work transposed from projected light and pure painting onto fabric. CultureLabel are facilitating artists like me to cross discipline - an invaluable and unique way to see our work in a different light”, says Rupert of the collaboration.

With only a limited edition of 50 of his designs ever being made, all pieces in the collection are exclusive limited editions and works of Art within themselves...


The Leopard Print Tie

"The leopard print tie is understated, sophisticated yet fun. From a distance the print looks refined and formal, but when viewed close up, admirers will be surprised to find it’s a leopard print. It can be worn at all occasions!"

So now you too can illuminate the party with his strikingly patterned tie in a bold array of colours perfect to make a stylish statement at any event this summer. 


The Flamingo Scarf

"I often look to Art movements of the 20th Century for inspiration. The movements Futurism, Orphism and Cubism have all influenced the style of the flamingo scarf. The deep blue coral background and vibrant flamingo motif’s create an understated tropical feel."

This luxurious, richly patterned scarf is a wonderfully soft mix of wool and cashmere. The magnificent colour scheme makes it a perfect statement piece to wear by day or by night.


The Butterfly Print

"I was able to create my butterfly print with painting and digital collage techniques that I have developed over the years. Computer technology can act as a very useful tool and artists should embrace it".

Newman's diverse use of materials and techniques to create this mesmerising image is a testament to his talent. A unique print filled with an undulating array of brightly coloured butterflies. A vibrant cacophony to brighten up any wall!




Newman's innovative, architectural light installations have taken on a new life, being transformed into an exclusive series of wearable art products - the perfect gift for the stylish art-lover.

Shop the Rupert Newman for CultureLabel Collection >



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