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TROPICAL TRENDS - Pineapples, Palms and Parrots

Posted on May 06 2016

From Home Decor to Jewellery
This Spring We're Going Bananas For All Things Tropical!

....Think Pineapples, Palms and Parrots

Jane Tattersfield, Blue Parrot


The Jungle Book's return to the silver screen is causing a tropical storm for jungle themed products this spring. The vibrant colours of the exotic birds and large, bold shapes of the foliage are inspiring designers and buyers alike.


Melissa Wyndham & Fine Cell Work

As the weather hots up, so does the trend for rejuvenating your sofas with the hottest new designs inspired by the tropics.These simple, yet carefully crafted canvas cushions add a tropical flare to any room.

Pineapple cushionPineapple- Fine Work Cell

Lee Renee

The tropical trend even extends to accessories. Lee Renee's stunning series of hand crafted gold and silver jewellery is based on tropical fruit. Gold Pineapple Stud Earrings (see above) and Banana Necklace (see below) available on CultureLabel.

Gold Banana Necklace

Yoko Honda for CultureLabel Collection

As one of the winners of the Bridgeman Studio competition - held with Wilderness Festival, Bridgeman Studio and Creative Review - Yoko Honda's designs are used in an exclusive and limited edition series of products only on CultureLabel.

The Deckchair 

These dynamic deckchairs designed by Yoko Honda are the perfect place to ride out the tropical storm inspiring designers this spring.

The Scarf 

Fashion refuses to give the tropical theme a summer sell-by-date. As Yoko Honda's vibrant Palmapple print luxurious cashmere and wool mix scarf demonstrates; palm trees truly are evergreen.


Hvass and Hannibal

Jungle fever has infected the Copenhagen-based collaborative partnership: Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal. Their limited edition Giclee print, 'Daybreak' depicts a parrot, feathers splayed - continuing the linear emphasis of the foliage - descending onto a waiting branch. This atmospheric print is a picture postcard into a tropical paradise.



Mira Santo's Blue Jungle

As featured in Vogue and FT How to Spend It, MIRA SANTO is an independent designer who founded her company in 2010 in Clerkenwell, London. These hand made English Fine Bone China plates are an ideal addition to any dinning room. Providing a simple, subtle and sophisticated tropical ambiance. 

Sian Zeng Wallpaper

Utterly immerse yourself in the tropical forest with this beautiful wallpaper. Although the tropical theme can be thought too strong for four walls - Sian Zeng harmonizes the dynamic patterns of banana leaves, hibiscus and beetles, with a hazy palette and fluid brush strokes. Bring the outdoors in with this sophisticated botanical print wallpaper.


Fanny Shorter's Limited Edition Screen prints

Fanny Shorter's distinctive, detailed work is largely inspired by her very English upbringing. Yet in her 'World Parrots' print series she cleverly gives a modern twist to the colonial look.

The Bourke's Parrot, a native of Australia, yet named after the Governor of New South Wales, is depicted in life size scale.

Shorter's prints are a nostalgic take on the tropical trend. Reminiscent of the Natural History studies produced by Victorians - a visual act of domestication of tropical wild life. 



Claire Coles 'Pineapples'

Claire Coles uses the sewing machine as others would use a pen or a pencil. Her work 'Pineapples' perfectly encapsulates the tropical trend with elegance.

Her palette works between neutral tones and injections of bold bright colours, which excellently captures the tropical climate.

CultureLabel are showing her prints alongside original pieces.

CLAIRE COLES  Pineapples



Get involved in the tropical storm trending this spring! Make a statement on your walls or furniture (inside or out) with botanical prints... think banana leaves, bamboo, and hibiscus. This motif may be bold but has proved enduringly popular in interior design.

Or adorn yourself with Lee Renee's tropical themed charms for an exotic flare perfect for the current heat wave.


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