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About Us

We want to bring the world closer to real artists,  their inspirations, the raison d'être of each unique piece and the living, breathing places from which they were born.

We believe that art should be reflected in everything.

We believe in investing in creations that have thought and care put into them, that you will love forever.

We believe we should strive to curate the world, your world, with beautiful, artful creations.

We believe that buying art should be simultaneously fun and informative.

We’re passionate about liberating the arts and want to help you discover original and limited edition art and buy exceptional art-inspired products.

We source the most original items from the most exciting of emerging artists and designers, as well as hand picking items from the gift shops of your favourite institutions, bringing them together in one place.

We scout far and wide to bring you unique, high quality creations ranging from limited edition art and unique jewellery to housewarming gifts and wedding presents.


Think of us as your 24/7 gift and art consultant, always on hand to provide you with more unique art and gift ideas.


"A one-stop shop for creative and quirky commerce"


Best of all, you can buy from your favourite museum gift shops, galleries, artist and designers through one simple checkout.

"Cool and quirky"

"An aggregator for the arts... One to watch"